Non Surgical Fat Loss EmSculpt for Abs

Tone Your Abs With EmSculpt

If you want to achieve a toned, trim tummy without any blood, sweat and tears, you need EmSculpt for abs. No matter how well you eat or how often you work out, sometimes you need a little helping hand to achieve results.

Each muscle toning treatment takes just 30 minutes and can be fitted into your lunch break, slotted in between meetings or scheduled before the school run. Delivering the equivalent of 20,000 stomach crunches, this body sculpting treatment is intensely powerful and offers results you can feel immediately and see around 3 weeks after completing treatment.

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What Does the Treatment Do?

EmSculpt for abs targets the entire core to deliver supramaximal contractions and put the muscles to full use. Delivering a comprehensive and highly intense workout, EmSculpt works on the main abdominal muscle groups:

  • Transverse Abdominis – this is the deepest muscle layer that serves to stabilise the core
  • Rectus Abdominis – these muscles are what create the ‘6 pack’ and run from the ribs to the pelvic bone
  • Obliques – these muscles run either side of the rectus abdominis and support the core when twisting and moving from side to side

In order to trigger the muscle contractions, the EmSculpt device will be strapped onto your abdomen. The treatment is not painful, and the sensation is comparable to that of doing an intense workout! Four treatments spread over two weeks will deliver optimal results.

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EmSculpt for Abs: Who Can Benefit?

As EmSculpt body contouring is non-invasive, requires zero downtime and offers quick results, it’s a suitable treatment for most adults. Almost anyone who wants to trim their waistline, gain muscle and burn fat can benefit from EmSculpt for abs!

It’s a great option for busy people who haven’t been able to commit to a regular exercise routine, athletes who are recovering from an injury and want to tone up or anyone who wants to improve their core strength and stamina.

A great way to restore your core and rebuild your muscle strength, EmSculpt for abs is a great treatment for women post-childbirth. Whether you’re experiencing mild diastasis recti (ab separation), have had a Caesarean or simply want to restore muscles following pregnancy, the treatment can help you to achieve the results you’re dreaming of.

The treatment is also a fantastic option for people who have lost weight and are currently maintaining their size. If you have some stubborn areas that are proving tricky to tone or some unwanted bulges that diet and exercise aren’t shifting, then EmSculpt can help!

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